Booking us for gigs

For any enquiries or to book us, please email us at band *at*

When you book us you will get a 2-piece band (Caro and James) who will play ceilidh, contra, or bal music, or a mix of styles and dances if preferred. We can also provide a caller for ceilidh and contra.

We will happily play weddings, civil celebrations, birthdays, charity events, no-reason-dances, parties, and any other occasion that you might consider warrants a dance! We can also run workshops for those wanting to learn/improve at Balfolk.

We come with our own PA so will just require a roof and power to play, and a safe flat dance floor filled with enthusiastic dancers for us to play to!


We also enjoy doing workshops about dancing or playing music for dancing. In the past we have provided music for introductory and advanced Contra dancing workshops, and led an introduction to playing bal tunes.

If you are looking for materials from any of our workshops, please see past events on the events page.